4MATion Training Design Centre

All your training needs in one place!

Chances are, you’re a trainer, a teacher or someone who is involved in delivering any sort of content to others and you are searching for a planning, storage and retrieval solution that will help you accelerate your design process and enable collaboration with colleagues faster, seamlessly and effortlessly.

The 4MATion Training Design Centre has been developed with you in mind.

It allows you to:

  • store all your training materials in one central location.
  • simply add and upload handouts, evaluation sheets, external videos or any other training resource
  • store video and audio files and;
  • all in a secure environment

Imagine never having to hunt for your facilitator guides, participant manuals or other training resources again!

The 4MATion Training Design Centre is accessible anywhere, anytime, in fact 24/7 providing you have an internet connection. No more lost resources or ‘winging it’ because you’re material didn’t arrive on time.

It’s simple to use. Our 14 step wizard guides you through the creation of your training design so you embed the natural cycle of learning while you create, and there’s a whole lot of resource materials in the center as well, including a knowledge bank of units for all ages and topics to support you with your training design.

4MATion Training Design Centre

Teaching Around the Wheel

The 4mation Training Design Centre offers you specific guidance on how to design and deliver more balanced teaching and learning experiences.

  • From learner engagement
  • To expert knowledge
  • To hands-on practice
  • Culminating with creative use of material learned

Learn the research-based 4MAT Method while you design your lessons!

4MAT Training Design Centre

Help Along the Way

As you create new workshops, the design wizard guides you through the process of creating more dynamic and engaging training, taking you around the cycle, effortlessly creating lessons that appeal to all styles of learners.

4MATion Training

Access over 300 4MAT Lessons

With a library of over 300 4MAT lessons for various ages and topics, you can see how others have created training experiences that inspire and motivate their learners.

Training Design Centre

Training Resources at Your Fingertips

4MATion Training Design Centre allows you to attach any file to your training – with no storage limits. In addition, choose from a large library of the best graphic organisers which may be reproduced and used as handouts.



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“4MAT revolutionised my teaching”

My pedagogy has become far more comprehensive in its reach. The 4MATion Training Design Centre enabled me to consolidate my understanding of 4MAT as well as store, organise, share and update my newly devised lessons. It has proved to be an invaluable resource.

Rev James Rogers Chaplain, The Illawarra Grammar School 30/06/2016