The Learning Cycle, The 21st Century & The Millennial Learner


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Millennial learners are characterised by civic mindedness, high levels of exploratory knowledge, and an emphasis on learning by doing, and not just listening. Teachers must make major adjustments to address the needs of these dynamic learners, including relying much less on textbook knowledge that has no personal meaning and does not connect. Teaching the Millennial Learner includes chapters on:

1.The Characteristics ofThe Millennial Learner,
2.The Natural Cycle of Learning—a model for designing instruction that will motivate and inspire millennials,
3.21st Century Learning Skills and Competencies—guidelines for infusing more creative and critical thinking methods into the learning process
4.Strategies for broadening assessment to move beyond surface level data and increase student responsibility for managing their own learning.

The learner of the future will want to knowWhy? and What If?
And The Learning Cycle, The 21st Century and Millennial Learners will show you how!

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