Optimising your Training for Type Two Learners

Optimising your Training for Type Two Learners

Last blog we looked at some ways to optimise your training to ensure better learning and retention of information for students who have a Type One learning preference. So in this post its time to focus on Type Two Learners.

Type Two Learners in the 4MAT model are very comfortable with data, facts and information. In fact they are the most detailed learner type out of all the 4 styles. They like to be thorough and can cope with very small bits of data. Their strength is to be able to organise that information in a logical and sequential way. They operate by analysis and value information that comes from an expert or trusted source.

They are comfortable working on their own and probably enjoyed traditional learning situations.

Type Twos are the most sedentary of learners as everything happens in the mind. They are quite comfortable listening to someone talk about or present their ideas, and then take time to think that through or write about it on their own. With no strong desire to actually do anything with the information, Type Twos love learning for learning’s sake.

Types Twos also have a stronger focus on the facts and data than on people, so this style is all about the information at hand. Creating concepts and models is a particular strength. They are very thorough and industrious and will go back to the facts if the situation calls for it. Sticklers for fairness, they will let the data decide!

I guarantee that you will find all different types of learners in your training environment and knowing their strengths and weaknesses can assist in organising the learning space, selecting the appropriate range of activities and strategies for delivery and creative ways of organising the learning to both capitalise on their strengths and also stretch them… just a little.

So what can you do to help these types in your training?

  1. Organise information in a logical sequence

    This group of learners like information presented in an ordered and logical way. Being comfortable with details, they like information presented to a meaningful depth. Covering the content in a more random “as it evolves” way or allowing the group to dictate how the content is being revealed can be very frustrating for this learning type and cause them to switch off.

  2. Be very familiar with your content

    Type Twos will have studied a topic to death if they are presenting it and they expect that you have too as their trainer. Make sure you know your topic well and have a few current sources at hand that go beyond the content you are teaching. Never make up an answer on the spot. These learners will be far more content if you admit you don’t know and bring the researched answer to the next session.

  3. Provide opportunities for solo as well as group work

    These learners like working on their own as well as working with others. The need to always work in a team can be draining for this style so make sure you have a balance of solo and team work activities in your training.

  4. Present information in sufficient depth

    Type Two Learners like detailed information, so going an inch deep and a mile wide is not satisfying for them as learners. If you have nor provided enough information for them they will often ask you for further details, check your sources e.g. ask for the research, or ask for further reading if the topic interests them, so being prepared for this is a great idea.

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