Melinda Zanetich – Director, 4MAT Australia

Melinda Zanetich – Director, 4MAT Australia

4MAT System Australia is proud to have Managing Director Melinda Zanetich at the helm creating massive change and generating phenomenal results since taking over the ownership and direction of the company in 2008.

There was never any doubt that Melinda was going to become a teacher and after several decades of teaching and further education, business and personal learning, Melinda has become a learning specialist. Always intensely interested in how the brain works and how people learn, she is delivering an exceptional International Training Concept that facilitates extraordinary results from some of the western world’s greatest leaders, educational institutions and corporate sector companies!

Melinda first came across the 4MAT method in 1993 and implemented this system into her teaching all those years ago. The differences were exponential! Amazing! – The level of student engagement improved ten-fold with high percentages of students now achieving age appropriate outcomes. Student attitudes flourished and in turn they began delivering a standard and quality of work that Melinda and her colleagues never thought possible.

In 1996, Melinda became a 4MAT Consultant and has since helped many teachers and trainers to use the same method of instructional design she first saw all those years ago. Every one of them has experienced the same revelation that Melinda had with testimonies revealing fantastic results from this far more effective method of instruction. It has had such a profound influence in her life that when the opportunity to be the licensed provider for 4MAT in Australia and New Zealand became available, Melinda jumped at the chance.

Melinda has a strong commitment to assisting others to be the best that they can be and has worked alongside principals, executives and staff in both educational and corporate settings to support positive change for both the individuals and the organisation. A skilled facilitator and leadership coach, Melinda has led individuals and teams through major change projects, assisting them to develop clarity and achieve outcomes through learning and facilitation in fun and challenging ways.

Melinda is passionate about helping people create positive change in their lives through learning and has a particular interest in developing high performing teams, organisational development and continuous workplace learning to support professional growth, but she knows she would never have been as successful or effective without the 4MAT system. She hopes that you find that too!

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