In-House or Public Programs in Your Area

Interested in organising training in your organisation or area?

We can come to you.

All of our workshops are available to deliver in-house for organisations with larger groups of staff to train. Our in-house, customised training provides a cost effective alternative to sending staff to external workshops in Sydney or Melbourne. Don’t have 3 days free for training? We can develop the right solution that suits your goals and time frame.

In-house training has the advantage of providing a convenient method of delivery. Your staff have the opportunity to develop workshops that are unique to their organisation further optimising the outcomes from the training. We come to your venue and provide:

  • Experienced, certified trainers who are also experienced practitioners
  • Learning resources
  • Tailored content options
  • Certification

Don’t have enough staff to run your own In-House Training?

Organise a group of colleagues from other locations eg staff from across your community of schools or staff from various organisations within your network to get together and share the cost of the training.

4MAT cycle training can be delivered across Australia & New Zealand.

Not sure where to start? Contact us to organise a FREE consultation and we’ll work with you to find out exactly what program can help you achieve your objectives.