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With 4MAT training, you’ll discover a simple, open-ended method for designing units of work that address the range of learning styles in your class. The 4MAT system also provides a structure for integrating Quality Teaching practices into the classroom.

This program is a five day 4MAT training program, usually offered in a 3 day + 2 day format. By the end of day three, participants leave this training with a unit of work designed using the 8 step 4MAT system, but more importantly they gain insight into how to assess the quality of any unit of work. Delivered in workshop mode by a skilled facilitator, you will receive individual attention over the 5 days to support your learning needs.

You’ll learn to:

  • Improve student performance and engagement
  • Understand and accommodate learning differences in the classroom
  • Learn how to write concept based curriculum units
  • Design units that ensure all students master stage appropriate content
  • Motivate and make your students enthusiastic about learning.
  • Develop teaching strategies to help increase student success

What others have said about this program:

quote-leftI just needed to email you again and tell you how much I LOVE 4MAT. I honestly think it has made the single biggest difference to my teaching practice in many years, maybe ever. It is great stimulation for me as a teacher and I am really reaping the rewards with my students. What a fantastic tool!quote-right

Lisa Hall – Lecturer – Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

quote-left4MAT training is relevant for all KLA’s. It is interesting, practical and essential for successful student outcomes.quote-right

Kristy Boulting – 7-12 Teacher

quote-left4MAT has made me more aware of individual learners. Using it I have seen a difference in the level of student engagement as activities cater for all learners. It just makes sense!quote-right

Freda Vlahos – K-6 Teacher

quote-left4MAT has not only improved the quality of our teaching programs but it has made us make strong links with the new syllabus as well.quote-right

Nicole Barsony – K-6 Teacher

4MAT Basic Training

Day One – Understanding Learner Difference

You will explore learning principles, learning style differences and right and left brain modalities through the use of the Learning Type Measure and Hemispheric Mode Indicator assessments. We examine the four major identifiable learning styles and reflect how they are equally valuable.

Day Two – Natural Learning and Organising Content Conceptually

You will examine the natural learning cycle and each progressive phase of the 4MAT design framework. We explore how to design high impact learning that moves through all 4 quadrants and how to alternate teaching strategies with right and left mode processing.

Day Three – 4MAT and Models

You will deepen your understanding of various points around the cycle and how to move the learner from one phase to the next. Much of this day is focused on developing and refining you unit of work ensuring that it is ready for delivery.

No of participants: 20

Pre-requisite: Nil

Prescribed Text: About Teaching: 4MAT in the Classroom by Bernice McCarthy

Suggested Texts: 4MAT in Action: 4MAT Lesson plans Lesson Planning Kit

What to bring: All the resources you need to develop or redesign a current unit

Group discounts are available for a school sending 3 or more people to this course. Please contact our office to discuss this option further.

4MAT Intermediate Training

Day Four – 4MAT and Assessment

This day focuses on how to add assessment measures which provide learners with the opportunity to actively produce real work and demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understandings. You will explore how to include assessment for and assessment of learning strategies into the cycle.

Day Five – Creating and Polishing Your 4MAT Unit

You will examine strategies to polish your design and improve the flow of learning around the cycle. You will have time to share your plans with others and refine and critique your own design while developing deeper levels of understanding regarding the model and its application.

No of participants: 20

Pre-requisite: 4MAT Basic Training

Prescribed Text: About Teaching Companion by Bernice McCarthy

Suggested Texts: 4MAT in Action: 4MAT Lesson plans Lesson Planning Kit

What to bring: All the resources you need to develop or redesign a current unit Your training manual from Basic Training

A prepared 4MAT unit

Group discounts are available for organisations sending 3 or more people to this course. Please contact our office to discuss this option further.

4MAT Advanced Training Seminar

Do you have a passion for teaching?

Are you experienced at using the 4MAT system to design and evaluate your units of work?

Do you want to join a growing group of exceptional teachers and educators who are certified to conduct our 4MAT training in their own school, TAFE or university?

Then the 4MAT Advanced Training Seminar is for you!

Our train the trainer program will qualify you to present the 4MAT Basic Training within your school, dramatically reducing the cost of implementation and ensuring that as new staff come on board, the original commitment to 4MAT made by your school is long term, viable and sustainable.

During the 4 day program you’ll learn to:

  • Facilitate the 4MAT Basic Training program,
  • lead the implementation of 4MAT within your school,
  • coach others in the art of lesson and unit development and evaluation
  • Develop and refine the complete training presentation.

To gain access to this program you will need to have completed and been certified for 4MAT Basic and Intermediate and have experience at successfully implementing 4MAT into your classroom and your school, TAFE or university.