Corporate Courses

Mastering Training Design Level 1

You will explore adult learning principles, learning style differences and right and left brain modalities through the use of the Learning Type Measure and Hemispheric Mode Indicator assessments.

    The Power of Connections

    You will explore the differences between the four major learning styles and their implications for communication, teams, leadership and learning through the use of the Learning Type Measure assessment.

      Education Courses

      4MAT Basic Training

      In these 3 days learn the skills necessary to write stimulating, conceptualised units of work that addresses the many ways that students learn, using your curriculum outcomes.  Learn how to embed Quality Teaching practices through using the 4MAT system.

      4MAT Intermediate Training

      In these 2 days gain a deeper understanding of the 4MAT model by revisiting the cycle to consider "flow" and learn how to add assessment tasks to the cycle to allow for measurement of student learning outcomes.  Complete the assessment to be recognised as a 4MAT COACH.