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With our range of online self-scoring assessment tools, you can instantly analyse and profile the different ways that students learn, teach and lead.

Tens of thousands of people have used these tools to better understand themselves and their colleagues as well as exploring the different approaches that people have to learning, teaching and leading.

Additional Online Features to Meet Trainers Needs

With trainer features in the online assessment environment, you can…

  • buy bulk assessments
  • create your own group of students or classes
  • stay in control and maintain personal contact by allocating tests to students
  • instantly see who has completed the assessment and who hasn’t
  • create overlays of the results to see a whole group and or class snapshot
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Each Assessment

  • Can be completed within 15 minutes
  • Includes an easy to read and detailed questionnaire
  • A graphic or your overall profile that immediately highlights your strengths and identifies under-developed areas.
  • Contains detailed descriptions of each of the main styles outlining both areas of strength and areas for improvement and development.

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Our Assessments

The Learning Type Measure®: (LTM) One of our most widely used tools for identifying learning preference. The 26 point questionnaire is designed to help learners identify personal strengths and weaknesses.

4MAT learning assessment

The Student Learning Preferences Survey: (SLP) A simplified tool for helping secondary school students understand their learning style and how this affects their particular approach to learning.

4MAT learning

The Hemispheric Mode Indicator: (HMI) A self-scoring survey for identifying whether there is a preference for either right or left mode processing. Are you more creative than analytical? Do you prefer to draw your understanding of a topic? Are you more comfortable with images than words?


The Leadership Behaviour Inventory: (LBI) This survey assesses the degree to which leaders incorporate different aspects of leadership into their practice. This tool is often used in conjunction with the Learning Type Measure® to assess the difference between personal preferences for learning and leadership.


The Teaching Style Inventory: (TSI) A self-assessment tool for teachers that helps to examine the types of instructional strategies they use and how that overlays on the 4MAT Wheel. A great tool for helping teachers identify any possible gaps in teaching style.