Melinda Zanetich-4MAT System Australia

Melinda Zanetich

Managing Director
Certified 4MAT Master

4MAT System Australia is committed to helping good teachers become great through the use of 4MAT, a transformational cycle of learning that honours learner diversity and growth.

Our team consists of Certified 4MAT trainers who bring years of experience as teachers and trainers in their respective fields and a wealth of knowledge regarding the 4MAT model and its successful implementation. We are passionate and committed to helping individuals, schools, other education and corporate organisations to create positive change in their lives and their organisation through using the 4MAT system.

We hope that you will join the growing number of teachers and trainers around the world that recognise the power of this system to propel you to the heights of training mastery and ensure that you deliver interactive and stimulating training – every time!

Melinda Zanetich is the Managing Director and Master Trainer of 4MAT System Australia. As an expert in the 4MAT system Australia and highly skilled in the design and delivery of effective learning programs, Melinda is passionate about making a difference in the lives of students, regardless of their age.

As a certified 4MAT trainer since the mid 90’s and currently the only certified Master Trainer for 4MAT in the Asia Pacific Region, Melinda has implemented 4MAT for close to 20 years in her own training as well as training hundreds of teachers and trainers in how to use the system to enhance their training design and delivery.

With over 20 years of experience in senior roles in a range of industries in both corporate and education settings, Melinda is an experienced facilitator and educator. Melinda’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education from Macquarie University and a Masters in Professional Education and Training from Deakin University.

I was first introduced to 4MAT when…  a flier came across my desk that promised a simple, practical and effective way to improve my teaching – it was just what I was looking for and after the first round of training, I was hooked! Since that happened nearly 20 years ago it obviously hit the mark for me.

My favourite 4MAT moment is…  every time I watch the delight for a teacher or a trainer as all the pieces of the training come together and they understand the simplicity and flexibility of the model.

Working as a 4MAT trainer is…  still the part of my role that I love the most. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to share this model (that I have found to be so powerful) with others and to hear about how it has made a difference for them.

I am still using 4MAT because…  I have never found anything else that can replace it. I have been exposed to many other models of learning, but most of them are just the 4MAT model with different words.

I am always being asked…  about where I get my shoes and jewellery!

I get excited about…  helping others to improve on what they do because I know that means that their learners are reaping the benefits as well.

My friends describe me as…  organised, a perfectionist …maybe that is enough clues?