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4MAT: A Systematic Approach to Learning

Make your training investment count with 4MAT, one of the most widely used instructional models in the K-12 education market. Originally developed in the 1980s by Dr Bernice McCarthy, the 4MAT learning model recognises and caters for different learning styles across four distinct phases of the learning cycle.

By understanding learning styles and integrating strategies to support how the brain likes to learn, 4MAT is a proven model that meets the needs of all learners. This helps trainers and teachers create motivating and effective programs to engage and inspire. In addition to improved learner outcomes, 4MAT delivers greater ROI for all types of organisations.

Benefits of 4MAT


Provides an engaging system for delivering learning that suits the needs of all learners


Allows learners to dive deeper into the content and put into practice what they have learned


Offers an effective framework for assessing the quality of any learning experience


Cultivates an environment of continuous learning and development to drive innovation

4MAT 4Learning Resources

Australia & New Zealand’s only provider of training in the 4MAT model, 4MAT 4Learning offers learning resources to enhance training and teaching in corporate organisations and across all types of educational settings.

Online Assessment Centre

Discover how you and your team learn. Explore our range of online self-scoring assessment tools to understand individual learning styles.



Create, store, and organise 4MAT workshops, programs and teaching materials while speeding up the 4MAT design process with 4MATion, your one-stop training design centre.

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Explore a range of resources to support your understanding of the 4MAT learning model including a variety of assessment tools, training, books, CDs, posters, and classroom materials.


Learn how to accelerate your workplace training design and delivery with 4MAT.

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We’re committed to helping individuals, schools, education and corporate organisations create positive change through the 4MAT system – a transformational cycle of learning that honours learner diversity and growth. Our team of certified 4MAT trainers bring years of experience and a wealth of knowledge of 4MAT and its successful implementation.


4MAT has transformed training and learning for these organisations.

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